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Who We Are

Who We Are

Experience When It Counts

Pronske Goolsby & Kathman, P.C. specializes in bankruptcy, insolvency, restructuring and bankruptcy related litigation.  We represent clients in a broad spectrum of industries, including automobile dealers, real estate, oil & gas companies and many others.

Bankruptcy is complicated.  Bankruptcy Cases often involve several different parties, each with their own legal issues related to the Debtor and each with separate goals and agendas.  In addition to the multiple parties and demands, bankruptcy cases often move quickly and require various parties to comply with a number of different filing requirements and deadlines.  Our attorneys have the expertise and experience to represent each of these different parties in a bankruptcy case.

Pronske Goolsby & Kathman, P.C.’s practice also includes specific bankruptcy-related litigation including preference, fraudulent transfer, discharge, dischargeability and other state law based actions.